Flower Shop Series


Welcome to the Flower Shop Series! This two-day series will take students through the workflow of running and owning a flower shop in a simulated environment. Our production management program is intended for students who are interested in working in a flower shop, wrapping orders beautifully for delivery, managing workflows and having an authentic flower shop design experience. If you like making tons of flower arrangements, while being coached by seasoned professionals, interested in working toward a career as a florist or just love bringing delight with every bouquet, this two-day program is for you.

Day One: Setting Up Shop

Students will set up the simulated shop.  With several wrapping styles, colors and sizes to choose from, they will be able to begin to formulate their individual style.  We will focus on preparation for daily orders. Students will be tasked with designing a variety of common requests, ordering the flowers for those designs and making sure they are within budget.  In addition, we will go over standard pricing practices, presentation, customer expectations and vendor relationships.

Day Two: Shop Simulation

The shop opens first thing in the morning with students working to fill as many orders as they can by the end of the day, under the watchful eye of a seasoned professional, to ensure that everything is done correctly.

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Monday, March 23rd & Tuesday, March 24th